Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Me Lord?

Why me Lord? Did you ever ask that question? I have. We may never know why God intervenes – or not.

Usually this is a question we ask when faced with a trial or hardship. Recently I read an account of Stan Praimnath in the book The Survivors Club. Stan was on the 81st floor of the South World Tower on Sept. 11, 2001. He had evacuated when the North Tower was hit, but had been given the okay to go back.

The colleague Stan was talking to on the phone asked him if he was okay. As Stan started to answer, he looked out the window – only to see the screeching United 175 headed straight for him. He dropped the phone, dove under the desk and shouted, “LordIcan’tdothis, youtakeover.” Eight words, shouted like one. A prayer.

Six hundred people died immediately or were trapped. Stan’s first miracle was that he was still alive. He peeked out and saw the wing of the plane 20 feet from him, but his Bible was on his desk, untouched.

“Lord send somebody to help,” Stan prayed. Dust and dirt covered him; sprinklers sprayed water; blue sparks arced across the room. Stan crawled through the debris and saw a light in the midst of the smoke and fire. It was Brian Clark. To Stan, he was an angel – another miracle.

Stan and Brian worked their way down the stairs and were two of only four who escaped from the impacted floors. Now Stan wonders, “Why me?” So many were lost. We will never know, but why not him? Why not me?

Stan learned that with God “there’s no call waiting, there’s no operator, there’s no long distance carrier.” We don’t know why or why not, but God knows, and He is faithful.

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