Thursday, June 6, 2013

When My Daddy Died, I...

Thinking about Father’s Day? I want to take a reverse on the usual perspective. Did you – I’m speaking to fathers here, but this goes to mothers as well – ever consider the most important thing you can leave your children? Surprise! It’s not health and wealth. It’s a spiritual legacy.

How wonderful if your child could know with assurance that they will see you again after you die! What an amazing comfort to give your little one! What greater love could a parent share?

K.J. Reider wrote a book, When My Daddy Died, I…, about the many things he misses now that his Daddy is gone. Picture books are mostly for children, but this one has a huge message for parents – fathers in particular. Accept the challenge. Buy the book and be the best dad/mom you can be for your children.